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Caroline Fields - Poetry

A Tribute to John

The sun shone quietly throughout the day.
A fitting tribute one might say.
The snowdrop bowed it's pure white head,
Signifying the life he led.
He said My Dad he'd like to be
When first we met in '73.

My own was not the best of men,
He took his place. I thanked him. Then
Our Daughter too gained from his heart
He taught her well. He played his part.
A grandfather she'd never known.
A granddaughter he called his own.

His kindness, His goodness, all shone through
The heart of this man. An architect, who
Would make us laugh most every day -
With funny things he'd do and say.
He never once thought 'bout himself.
He gave his all, his life, his wealth.

He always gave - he never took.
A religious 'seeker' - went by the 'book'
I found a card when he was gone
With these few words he'd scribbled on.
''Krishna says;- 'As long as you live
Never to take - but always to give.' ''

He never presumed, not even with time,
Never called unanounced, come rain or come shine!
Always so shy, he shunned company,
Except for ourselves and his own family.
His Mother. His Cousins all loved him too.
He repaid their love with loyalty true.

His singing voice was rather good,
We sang on stage. He understood
That I must have the final 'say'
On programme, venue, oh, yes - and pay!
His confidence grew in leaps and bounds,
As up and down country we'd 'gig' around.

To help anyone was always his aim.
Then ill-health struck. It was such a shame.
It affected him badly - filled him with dread,
When finally 'it' raised it's head -
''Not long for this world'' he calmly said.
And then resigned himself to death!

So then, at last, in crept the end.
A sudden loss - A wonderful friend.
He would have laughed at the way he went,
From a Number Nine bus to heaven was sent!
We think of him often - I hope he knows
We'll meet some day - As the saying goes.

From Caroline to John
A staunch friend, confidante and singing partner

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