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Hiya Everyone

Hope you are well - and happy! I'm keeping busy as usual - only wish there were more hours in a day!

Good news for Joyce Grenfell fans. Derek Grant of The Derek Grant Organisation has kindly asked if I would revive dear Joyce in "The Best of Joyce Grenfell" and we are to 'bring her back' during the later part of 2007. They already have bookings lined up so look out to see if I am at a Theatre near you. I will keep adding them to this website so check it out occassionally.

I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing "Our Gracie" to the stage and have had some wonderful comments. I didn't know there were so many fans of hers out there. I must admit that, when I began to write the script (for those of you who haven't seen it, it is 45% script - her life story - and 55% song) I didn't care much for her, thinking she was a selfish manipulative woman. But, as I was to discover she wasn't like that at all. As I read more and more, reading between the lines, the 'real' Gracie emerged and I found myself totally immersed in her selfless life - and loving her - faults and all! You'll all think I'm mad (I imagine you already suspected that!) but at the last "Our Gracie" show I said something similar to the audience just before starting the song 'Love Is Everywhere' .... that .... "I had grown to love her" and in the middle of the song I felt my voice suddenly change .... soaring into the clouds it seems to gain more power and clarity .... It was as if she was with me! (it was a magical experience and one I shall never forget!).

My latest show "With A Smile And A Song" is in rehearsal now so look out for that too. Take a look at the poster if you have time. It is a Musical Melange of .... 'Songs from the shows', 'Wartime Memories', 'Music Hall Stars', 'Cockney Sing-a-longs' etc. Plus a few surprises from David Carter - a very talented and wonderful man!

Well, all for now everyone, keep smiling.

Love and Blessings to all.


Tel: 0113 2886393. Mobile: 07836 747730. Email: cfields237@btinternet.com Bowshaws, Rawden Hill, Arthington, LS21 1PS
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