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Caroline Fields - Poetry

Just Another Day
(or love hurts)


Crouched in a corner
Brown-orange tiling
supports my small frame
'The latest fashion'
everyone had said now
Another blow falls

Steel legged Formica
shudders from the blow
Seeking some safety
but frightened to move
I hide in my mind while
Another blow falls

Cream door flies open
plastic knob splits off
Bruised hands and arms
shield eyes, face and head
and inwardly cry as
Another blow falls

Reading glasses jump
and crash to the floor
Screeching gets louder
bruised knuckles turn red
Shrinking away as
Another blow falls

Clock chimes turn six
I hold my white breath
Wonder what I've done
It's always like this
Can't stand it no more yet
Another blow falls

Outside door opens
''Hello, what's for tea?
Eh, what's this bloody mess?
God, what have you done?
Come here, I'll show you!''
Another blow falls

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