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Gervase Phinn - Out Of The Woods But Not Over The Hill

Gervase Phinn came to see my Joyce Grenfell Show and he did a write up of the show in his book "Out of the Woods but not Over the Hill. Here is the write up:


"George, Don't Do That!"

On a visit to the Doncaster Civic Theatre, my wife Christine and I lost ourselves in a wonderfully nostalgic evening filled with a gentle humour we so much enjoy.

Caroline Fields, from the BBC Radio 2 programme, Friday Night is Music Night, delighted her audience with sketches and songs written and once performed by the inimitable Joyce Grenfell. There was the brilliantly written 'A Terrible Worrier' and the hilarious 'Old Girls' Reunion', but the show-stopper for me was the unforgettable 'Nursery School Sketches', delivered superbly by Caroline.

Joyce Grenfell's perfectly observed nursery school teacher keeps a simmering control over her temper when trying to deal with the recalcitrant infants. As the children's behaviour deteriorates, the teacher's tone becomes jollier and falser, or, as Joyce herself.


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