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Welcome to the website of Caroline Fields.

For queries please contact Caroline on 0113 2886393.

Caroline Fields is a successful and versatile actor, singer, performer and poet with her experience and abilities covering theatre, TV, pantomime, concerts, cabaret, summer season etc. She holds full Equity membership.

Her passion is for live music and performance, and she has starred with many famous names from the world of entertainment. Some of her TV credits include 'Stay Lucky' with Dennis Waterman, 'All Creatures Great and Small' where she played the role of Mrs Tibbit and 'Dark Angel' where she played the role of Flora.

Christmas Letter - 2018

Hello Everyone

I do hope you are all looking forward to Christmas. Christmas is my busiest time with Theatre shows and gigs up and down the country but, I always make sure I have Christmas Day off where I fit the whole of Christmas into the one day!

I am looking forward to a wonderful Luncheon this Sunday - 2nd December - where I hope, a great deal of warmth, camaraderie, and merrymaking will make it day to remember. I organise this on behalf of The Friends of The City Varieties which brings everyone together. Held at The Hilton in Leeds (This year and last) I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well.

One sad note is that we have lost one of our artistes who was due to appear in the after luncheon show - Keith Christie (Our Magician) died last week, when he suddenly passed away at home. I haven't tried to replace him - no-one could. I know that Johnny Casson will do extra time if necessary.

We have a lovely bill this year Adam Daye (From who do you do) is our Compere, Andrew Van Buren and Ally will perform feats to conform with his spinning plates (He is recording a TV show at present. He told me that when he filmed The Generation Game he got through 2,000 plates - He didn't break any but the contestants did!) We also have 'Encore' - a group of over 20 singers, Nigel Wears at the keyboard and our Comedian Johnny Casson.

We are now making plans for the next luncheon. This will be on Sunday 1st December where Don Maclean will be our top of the bill. More announcements later in the year as artistes are finalized. If you live in the area and are interested please join The Friends Of The City Varieties and become involved with us. We have speakers, meetings, a Newsletter, the Luncheon plus you can get discounts at the theatre.

Since I last wrote we have, of course, lost the great Ken Dodd. A wonderful entertainer as well as a wonderful human being - he was so kind to me and generous with his time and advice. I am so pleased he married his long time partner Anne, Lady Dodd. He meant the world to her and she always looked after him. He is greatly missed. He was one of the greats and we shall never see his like again.

A Happy and Healthy New Year too.

Keep well and thriving until we meet again whether on these pages or in person.

Sithee later


Latest News 2018

Derby and Notts Music Hall Association - Annual Luncheon 2018

Another great luncheon held at The Spot Entertainment Centre in Derby. A wonderful time was had by all with our headline act - Don McLean!
Click here for photographs

An April letter wishing you all well and a tribute to my dear friend, Sir Ken Dodd.

Click here for the letter

Latest News 2017

Leeds Lions Disabled Exchange Trip
We took a dozen youths over to Germany for a weeks holiday where they were looked after and entertained by Lions Club of Germany. Click here for photographs and details.

Yesterday (21st April 2017) we were at the funeral or our dear friend, Producer and Director Duggie Chapman. Click here to view details and photographs.

Letter from Caroline for January 2017 - click here to read the letter.

Leeds Lions Disabled Youth Exchange

Caroline is a member of the Leeds Lions and is very much involved in the Disabled Youth Exchange.
To read more about the 2016 exchange, please click here.

Derby and Notts Music Hall Association Annual Luncheon
Photographs from this years invent here:
Click here to view the photographs.

The Bachelors Show. Sept 2015
Photographs of Caroline with The Bachelors in September 2015.
Click here to view the photographs.

As you know Caroline enjoys writing - She wrote articles for The Yorkshire Dalesman for almost two years when they commissioned her to write 'Tales Of Grandma' and Caroline's experiences in The Dales with her Grandma. Grandma, who could neither read or write, survived on very little money - instead exchanging goods she would make - honey, jam, beer, flowers, hand-sewn rugs and patchwork quilts and knitting clothes to order.

A 'Wise' woman, Grandma's herbal remedies were well known for their healing powers far and wide and would be exchanged for butter, fish and game. Grandma encouraged Caroline to write and. in March, 2015, you can read more of Caroline's articles when one of her short stories will appear in The YOURS Magazine. (March 31st Edition Number 216).

A letter from Caroline dated November 2014. Click here to read.

Photographs 2014
Photographs from the Derby and Notts Music Hall Association Lunch at 'The Spot' Entertainment Centre in Derby.
Click here to view the photographs.

As members of the 'Leeds Lions', we recenly had the pleasure of taking part in a German Exchange along with 3 other Lions groups. This involved the exchange of young disabled and disadvantaged folk for a weeks holiday. Click here for photographs and details of the German Exchange.

Thank you to all those wonderful fellow artistes who took the time and trouble to send me their memories of the City Varieties - the 'Book Of Memories' is now ready to purchase. Click here for further details.

A letter from Caroline dated July 2013. Click here to read.

*** A tribute to the great NORMAN COLLIER from Caroline Fields. Click here to read. ***

Photographs 2013
Photographs from the Derby and Notts Music Hall Association Lunch at Totley from the 2nd March 2013.
Click here to view the photographs.

New Photographs added January 2013! Photographs from 2 events - The "Pack up your Troubles Show" from November 2012 and the "Derby and Nottingham Music hall Association Annual Luncheon from October 2012."
To see these pictures click here.

Latest letter from Caroline dated November 2012 - Read here.

To read an article regarding the "redundancy" of Peter Sandeman, General Manager of The City Varieties then please click here: City Varieties Theatre

Photographs from the Derby and Nottingham Music Hall Association Annual Luncheon 2011 are now available to view by click here: Derby and Nottingham Music Hall Association Annual Luncheon

New YouTube videos of Caroline Fields can be seen by clicking here: Videos of Caroline Fields

Dec 08 - Click here to read a great review by Gervase Phinn


Caroline is thrilled to announce that from Thursday 19th may 2011 at the AGM of the Derby and Nottingham Music Hall Association, she was unanimously voted PRESIDENT of the Association.

"It is a great honour. I shall do my upmost to represent and promote the profile of the Association
and to be a worthy ambassador to the best of my ability.

Also, I have an article published in the July 2011 issue of 'The Dalesman'.


Caroline has had a very successful recording career where she has released a number of albums on the Scorpus recording label. Details of these can be found on the 'Music' page where you will also be able to order any of the recordings online.
Tel: 0113 2886393. Mobile: 07836 747730. Email: cfields237@btinternet.com Bowshaws, Rawden Hill, Arthington, LS21 1PS
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